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Charcuterie Question about Terrines!

Recoil Rob

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Hopefully straightforward. I wish to make a gamebird terrine for the holidays, being a hunter I have pheasant, duck and grouse in the freezer. Since game is not as popular here in the US as in the UK most of the interesting recipes I am finding through Google are coming from the UK.

They all list as a primary ingredient roughly 500-600g of sausage meat or sausagemeat.

Here in the US sausage meat is uncased, spiced, ground pork, such as Italian sausage or breakfast sausage. But I am thinking the Brits use the term to mean un-spiced ground pork with fat, as this is an essential ingredient  for most terrines and pates.

Am I correct, is UK sausage meat plain ground pork shoulder or pork with fat put through a meat grinder, unspiced?




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UK retail sausage meat is spiced.


It's 70-90% fairly fatty pork, plus flour or starch as a binder, sometimes some onion, usually mildly seasoned with pepper, nutmeg and maybe a bit of sage.


If you're subbing shoulder, I would add fat. Generic US pork shoulder is under 20% fat. UK sausage meat is probably 30-40% fat.

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Hong Kong Dave

O que nao mata engorda.

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