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For Sale: New Cinder Grill

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Offered for sale, a brand new Cinder Grill, the most brilliantly designed, precision countertop grill that cooks just as perfectly but faster and more conveniently than sous-vide. 
Using next generation thermal control technology, algorithms and thermodynamic grill plate innovations and materials, the Cinder Grill precision cooks food evenly and holds it at the target temperature within 1 degree. Like sous-vide, overcooking is impossible and the food stays perfectly hot inside the Cinder Grill for hours.
Unlike sous-vide units, there is no need for a vacuum food sealer, water bath, or separate cast iron searing pan. The Cinder doubles as a 450 degree professional searer- no oil needed, or smoky, splattered stovetop mess. 
Also eliminated is the wait for a water bath to reach cooking temps. The best selling Anova sous-vide precision cooker takes over 30 mins just to bring 2 gallons from room temp to 140 degrees.
Pair the Cinder with its free mobile app to have it auto-calculate how long your food will cook for and what the target temperature should be. 

See the CinderGrill.com website for complete details and specs:

See this YouTube review and pork chop test from Adam Savage's (from Mythbusters)Tested:



The Cinder Grill's introductory price was $499 and it SOLD OUT! Previous orders are still being filled and no new orders are being accepted, so you can't get this ANYWHERE. 
This unit is brand new, in its original box. It was never used and opened only for inspection. $375 or best REASONABLE offer for this premium, technologically superior appliance.

Local pickup only in East Brunswick, NJ at the EB Police Department's Safe Exchange Zone in municipal parking lot #3 in front of EB Police Headquarters:  1 Civic Center Drive.

Cinder front top.jpg

Cinder open.jpg

Cinder photo.jpg

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