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Molded Bonbon Shine Tips

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I've seen so much beautiful molded chocolate work here I decided to come to the experts. I'm still trying to get consistent shine on my molded chocolates (not using colored cocoa butter yet). I typically get a few really good ones, most have some spots with really good shine and some ok shine, and then maybe I have 1 dud (air bubble or some kind of blemish). I'm just wondering, what would you all say are the top 3 tips to getting that consistent super shine?

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Room temperature

Properly pre-crystallised chocolate at the right temperature

Polished moulds

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I polish my molds with cotton makeup remover pads and some isopropyl alcohol. Tap your molds when filled to release air bubbles.  Be aggressive banging is ok.  Make sure your chocolate is tempered accurately.   Try some colored cocoa butter.   Have fun and enjoy.  All mistakes taste great.  I dabble at home.  


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