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Le Creuset -- is it worth it?

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I'd say it depends on what you want to use it for.  I have a 2.75 qt LC oval Dutch/French oven and use it often.  It's good for cooking a pound of dry beans, for example. 

It's rather too small for baking loaves of no-knead bread. 

Edited to add that Amazon helpfully informed me that I paid $79.99 for it back in 2006.

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Yep, I went with 5 qt (4.7l) dish and just filled it almost to the brim... Mind you, the dishes cooked in thise kind of pots are always better when reheated (stews, braises, &c), so bigger pots seem to be a better option IMHO.


Cooking for a co-worker celebration of me getting a permanent job in high school- first part of the job done (pollo a cacciatore, my version):


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