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Can someone please tell me how to make good espresso?

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possibly the grinder warms the beans just enough so they are above freezing when ground


a really good grinder adds as little heat as possible to the final product.


that wonderful smell of freshly ground coffee ?


you want that in your espresso.


so many conundrums here @ eG.


what I would't do is add Fz beans to the grinder's hopper.


sometimes I forget to roast.


I have Fz whole Vac's beans in the freezer.


I add the sealed pack to tap water and they thaw quickly to Room Temp


then I add those dry beans to the hopper.

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The moisture content of roasted coffee is so low that I doubt frozen beans are especially tough. They're also not immune to changing. Freezing and vacuum packing slow down the changes but don't stop them. 


There's a new trend at the super high-end ... freezing green coffee beans in sealed bags, for storage and shipping to the roaster. Some are arguing that this will preserve more flavor. I have no doubt they're going to charge us for it!

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Sweet Maria  had something to say about newer bags a while ago , but I can't recall if freezing was part of the newer process



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