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Kitchen / Dining Area Renovation

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18 hours ago, dcarch said:


That is a very small sink. Is that the only sink? Is this considered normal size sink in your area? 

Interesting picture. What kind of lens/camera? Doesn't look like a fish eye lens. 




Ha! No that’s just my small prep sink - basically a place to scrape all my veg mess into a waste disposal. The main sink is in the run of units just behind the camera and is about 4-500mm square. That said, the prep sink will be a bit bigger in the new kitchen - it’s just slightly too small as it is. 


The pic was taken with the panorama mode on my iPhone - not perfect but an easy way of getting some lateral extension when standing further away isn’t an option. 

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5 hours ago, boilsover said:


I have seen some modern homes with a secondary "butler's" kitchen, which can basically do it all. I know one couple who have this setup (and one outdoors) and never use any of them.


This is something that really grates on me - such a waste to not actually cook in a decent kitchen.


When we went stone shopping we were asked if we wanted a worktop to just look good or if we might use it...


nothing useless can be truly beautiful and all that. 

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    • By chocoera
      Hi guys!  So...as we all know hindsight is 20/20....so i'm sure we ALLLLLLLLLLLL  have things we'd do differently if setting up our home or professional workplaces.  I'm working with a space that's approximately 850 sq ft.  If you could create your ideal space, what would you do?  The kicker is, i'm a mixed media kitchen, i dont do straight chocolate work.  I do baking so i'll have a double vertical convection oven, i'm getting rid of my 6 burner range and switching to table top induction burners. I have a dishwasher and big sink for rinsing vs 3 compartment sink (hand sink of course) and mop sink....and i have multiple 7 ft and 8 ft stainless tables. I currently have a "cooling room" set up with 4 speed racks, but thought maybe i should switch to a fridge turned up to 40 or 50F? I freeze things for bulk production, so will still have some chest freezers set higher than normal....but yeah. i'm just at a loss of how to capitalize on space, and keep things organized and storage of bon bons, turtles, barks, chocolate caramel apples (things that need to be stored for packaging by employees before they hit the retail floor)  i know jin from vegas had a fridge set at 50F for cooling molds once sprayed and shelled, then once she filled them, moved to a 40F fridge to set filling, then she sealed them...but i didn't remember where she kept bon bons for her bar (where customers pick and choose) or the ones out ready to be boxed?  i know she and jean marie were freezing for bulk orders etc...but yeah.  my mind is just overwhelmed with possibilities, and i just dont want to mess up this new kitchen layout. i think its harder because i make so many things in my kitchen, so i have pots, pans, sheet pans, springforms, cookie cutters, muffin tins, kitchen aid mixers, a floor mixer,  mol d'arts, baking liners, molds, colors, EZ temper, brushes, kitchen utensils, transfer sheets, bulk chocolate and ingredients blah blah blah.   so. if you guys could make an ideal workflow....would you do a walk-in fridge for confection storage? a few fridges set higher (but would humidity be an issue if stored for multiple days before packaging), build another cooling room (it was a room with drywall/insulation/a door/speedracks and portable AC set to keep that room cooler...), or yeah.  thoughts?  oh yeah. and  i need to fit an enrober in there too.  sooooo, ideal workspace. what's in it?  and go!  :0)
    • By weinoo
      I've started a few topics about various renovation related subjects (here and here), but figured I'd put the overall project in its own. Pix often tell the story even better...
      It helps to have these. Well, you need to have these if you expect to get anything done in your coop.

      Then stuff can start...



      And then start getting rebuilt.


      A little better electrical system.


      New pipes have to be done in the walls.




      This Started on September 8th. They've had approximately 25 days on which work was done.
      Proceeding along nicely, I'd say.
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      Hi, I'm David. I'm in the process of starting a new venture, and need some advice. I'm starting a catering company to cater to 4 golf courses, and hope to expand into other offsite catering after a year or so. I'm looking for a space to put a central kitchen to cook everything, and truck it out from there. We will be serving about 1200 people per weekend. Im having trouble visualizing how big of a kitchen space I'm going to need, and am having trouble finding anything online to help calculate the size of said space. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.    Thanks in advance,   Chef David
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      I don't think I'll be eating at Brad's...
    • By boilsover
      She's already always listening, mining and snitching you out.  But now she's prepared to nuke Fluffy if you're too squeamish:
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