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I just wanted to thank Kerry, Steve (lebowits), Rob (gfron1) and Chocolot for taking the time out to answer so many of my questions. I haven't been working with chocolate for long and was running into a number of problems and they were so helpful. After following their advice and lots of practice I finally feel like I am getting the hang of things. Here are today's results. Waiting to be filled, but so far so good. Thank you again and hopefully I'll get to meet you guys at the workshop next year. By the way, there will be TONS of additional questions to come. lol




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Wow, well done.

you gotta love the generosity of ”Egulleters”

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Very pretty! Bet they'll be tasty, too.


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    • By VistaGardens
      New useful shop toy acquired today:  a milk frother.  This small device is perfect for stirring pigment into cocoa butter when you are making your own colors, or need to mix up ones that have settled.  It makes no splatter like a hand held blender and is super easy to clean - just put it in a mug of hot soapy water...  I picked one up on Amazon for under $20US with a stand, thinking it might be good, and it was great!  Because the cocoa butter has a thicker viscosity than milk, it doesn't froth it, but does an excellent job of blending without the mess. 
    • By DeanTheBaker
      Hi everyone,

      I am someone who used to hate milk chocolate (and white as well) because they are always too sweet for me.
      but recently I got to try Valrhona's Bahibe 46% and it's really good; creamy and not sickeningly sweet.

      After Valrhona has changed my mind, I'm on a quest to explore the world of milk chocolate.
      Are there any alternatives as good or even better? what's your preference when it comes to milk chocolate?
      Thank you.
    • By eglies
      Hello there everyone! I am a new chocolatier and I am looking for someone who has some time to dedicate helping me set up my new business. I have questions mostly on recipes and equipment. Is anyone available?
      Thank you
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      Who here hand dips chocolates, either with their actual hand, or with a fork?
      I have a side job working with a woman who hand dips everything with her fingers in a puddle of chocolate on a sheet of parchment.  She's super fast at it, I tried it but it felt so messy and awkward.  I have done a little fork-dipping, so today dipped 300+ cookies with a fork and remembered why I hate fork dipping. 
      So, anyone have any pointers, tricks,  or favorite dipping forks that don't make your hand go numb?  Today I used a dinner fork, I didn't have my actual chocolate dipping forks, but they have really thin metal handles that are hard to hold onto and horrible.  I need like the Good Grips version for people with arthritis and pastry chefs who have done too much piping ...
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      Posted 1 hour ago My truffles are cracking and leaking even when dipped at room temperature. 
      I am so frustrated! Also some centres are too soft to dip unless chilled or frozen, suggestions? Also anyone have a good butterscotch truffle recipe with no icing sugar or cream cheese involved?
      thank you!
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