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Hello eG, hope all of you are well.  :)


I found this forum in the process of googling the more scientific aspects of ice cream, finding two long threads here going back several years with a wealth of fantastic info.


Originally from CT and miss the seafood life there, but the BBQ we have here in central TX is a terrific replacement between home visits.  I was barely into cooking before discovering sous vide 2 years ago - what a game changer.  I'll throw out my favorite underrated cut: beef sirloin flap!  Looking forward to reading more.

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25 minutes ago, LWB said:

wealth of fantastic info.

You have that right.

An amazing knowledge base in the Egullet membership.

Welcome and please share your cooking especially sous vide.  There are numerous threads.  Just do a search or check out the sous vide index.

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