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Recommended electronic candy thermometer with alarm?


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I've been having the devil's own time getting consistent results with my alcohol thermometer, and holding the thermocouple probe in hot sugar just so is not ideal either. A thermometer that'd alert me when I'm in a few degrees of cooked would be nice - but the options from standards like Polder and CDN do not have good reviews on Amazon. Can anyone suggest something?

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4 hours ago, blue_dolphin said:

The Thermoworks Dot also has an alarm.  I have both the Dot and the ChefAlarm and the additional buttons make the ChefAlarm easier to set for alarms. 

They sell the $4 multi-hole clip to hold the probe and it works well, though similar clips are also available elsewhere.

My ChefAlarm came with a clip.


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1 hour ago, boilsover said:


I have a ThermoQ, and it's rugged, dependable and affordable.  It accepts a wide range of Type K probes, and the alarm is very loud.  The magnetic silicone boot is worth having, too.


I'll second that, Thermoworks' magnetic boot is really nice.


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