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ENO Stoves


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I am busy trying to source a new 2 burner stove with oven (all one gimballed unit) for my little boat. ENO appear to be the new manufactures of what I previously knew as a Force 10 stove. Force 10 used to be a Canadian product but I am not sure who ENO are, where they are based and know nothing about ENO. There appears to be some positive feedback about the ENO stoves and, within the marine industry, some pretty negative comment.


Does anybody have any experience or feedback on ENO products - they apparently make domestic stoves and BBQ's as well.



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Eno is a well established European company headquartered in France that has made boat cookers for decades. Good stuff. They bought Force 10 some years ago; 2009? 2010? Something like that. Force 10 was a North American company also almost entirely in the business of marine cookers. Force 10 was headquartered in BC Canada where the combined operations for the Americas are now headquartered.


The original plan was to position Force 10 internationally as premium products and Eno as entry-level and builder grade products. That hasn't worked out. The market for Force 10 is principally selling in North America and the Caribbean. Eno continues to dominate European sales. Both are readily available in the ROTW. The good news is that spare parts for both brands are now available from a common supply chain.


Both are easily serviced and maintained.


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