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Chiffon Cake basics needed

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I'm going to make a chiffon cake and I've looked at several recipes.  Some of the recipes whip the egg whites separately with some of the sugar, and others do not.  I think the sugar might make the egg whites more stable and easier to fold in, but not all the recipes do it.  Baking Illustrated doesn't add sugar to the egg whites, but one of my text books (CIA) does. 

And, some of the recipes say to use an un-greased tube pan and to cool the cake upside down, like you would an angel food cake.  But, they also say you can cook them in round cake tins.  How would I get the cake out of an un-greased round cake tin?  Can I use parchment on the bottom and leave just the sides un-greased, or does it not matter for a round pan?  Will it just slip out of an ungreased cake tin?

Any suggestions?

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