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100 Year Old Deli Opportunity?

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Ran across this in the news recently, eventually decided to pass along the info here.


Last true Jewish Delicatessen in Worcester (and maybe Central Massachusetts) nearing the end of it's days. Landlord is looking for someone to carry it forward.


"The building and business assets are being acquired by local developer Ed Murphy who is looking for an operator to lease the space and operate the business.  Owner David Mizrahi is committed to the future success of Weintraub's and is happy to assist a new operator.  This is a great opportunity with the established Weintraub's brand that offers a low barrier to entry into the restaurant business. "






Anyone here crazy enough to jump into the deep end feet first?

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Still looking for for someone to take over the business...


Things are happening in the immediate area of this establishment. PawSox (Providence RI) relocating to Worcester, a stone's throw from this location. Hotels, condos, apartments, businesses being newly built.





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Is the business yours? 

I haven’t been to Worcester in a long time but when I was there after dark, I didn’t personally feel safe. I hope that’s changed. 

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Ran across this (forgotten) thread while looking for another on eGullet. Sorry for not responding earlier.


Business is not mine, just thought it would be of interest to the eGullet community. The area of the city where the the deli sits was heavily populated by the Jewish community in past years. From wiki: "The congregation, which was incorporated on January 1, 1904, held daily worship services for two years in a cottage they had purchased at 32 Providence Street in the heart of Worcester's east side Union Hill neighborhood, where most Jewish immigrants to Worcester lived. " Water Street was predominately small businesses. Delis, bakeries, clothing stores, restaurants, all catering to the local population.

Like most of these enclaves in cities, populations change. The area now supports a wide range of ethnicities.


Boston Globe reported this back in August:


"Following more than 12 months of rumored interest, the Red Sox Triple-A affiliate officially announced plans Friday to relocate to New England’s second biggest city beginning in 2021. The move includes a 10,000-seat new stadium in the city’s burgeoning Canal District and a new name — The Worcester Red Sox."


The deli location is less than a 5 minute walk from where the stadium will be built. The stadium is expected to support more than just the seasonal baseball team. Rallies, concerts, other sports. It should provide a boost to the city and the Kelly Square area especially. 


And Worcester an unsafe city? Sure. Aren't all cities? I've heard New York City isn't the safest place to be either. Or Boston. Or Providence. 


I'm not sure what has happened with the deli at this point. Maybe I'll do a reconnaissance and report back. If you don't hear from me in a week or so alert the authorities, have them check the alleys and catch basins. 'Cuz it's Worcester, ya know?

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