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Amazingly Good Place in York

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We recently ate at Skosh ( https://skoshyork.co.uk/) on Micklegate in York.  It was a meal that I shall remember I hope for the rest of my life.  


In brief it was stunning!  I was urging friends to make a visit earlier today and realised that while the incredible flavours and textures of the food are vividly embedded in my mind the food is so different to anything else I have experienced that it is difficult to describe.  There are some photos on the restaurant’s website and many others on Tripadvisor to give an idea of what is served.


Dishes are small and we were guided to choose around a dozen for the four of us to share.  Every dish was both a work of art, goodness knows how much time goes into preparing them, and a sensory delight.  The menu wasn’t much help because we simply didn’t understand many of the terms but staff are extremely helpful in guiding customers towards combinations.  I still don’t know what ‘tteokbokki’ is (I know I could look it up) but I will never forget the ‘Asparagus tteobokki with sour cream’ that we shared.  I don’t need a definition.  I know that I will never cook food like this at home


One of our party can’t tolerate gluten and staff were exceptionally helpful in ensuring that we chose appropriately so that we could all enjoy everything that came to our table.  Every detail, every morsel of that food was simply splendid.  We paid around £150 for four adults including drinks.  We will certainly be going back very soon.


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