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Remembering Anthony Bourdain, 1956–2018

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6 hours ago, heidih said:

That voice in the New Yorker was what made Kitchen Confidential such a significant and popular book. I don't know anyone who has read the texts who orders fish on the wrong day ;)

I recall reading that article and KC subsequently. I had half a thought about career change at the time. 


I still cannot watch his shows anymore, and I used to look forward to them. Not sure why I can’t , but I have no desire. 


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I'm having some sleep (or lack thereof) issues lately, bue to some recent lower back surgery, so I have been watching some very late night TV stuff.  Last night, an episode or two of Parts Unknown.


Sadly, one can certainly hear, both in the tone of his voice, and in his words, how lonely he was. He also talks about his feelings about being unable to communicate with most everyone.   



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Yes, I definitely noticed that also, especially prominent in the last few shows...

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I watched a couple last night. Seems the joy went out of his shows a few years ago.  I had blamed CNN, but probably it was all AB.

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Ive hesitated to answer


I rarely watched his many fine shows


for personal selfish reasons :


why was i not there with him tasting so many delights


and having so many interesting conversations about food


and fellowship sharing food 


all over the world?


of course, except for an episode in Northern Laos


where he visited a very remote group of  ' guerrillas '


of the many tasty offerings they suggested to him , there were jars of many odd insects and such


some large


preserved in home made very high test ' hooch '


he didn't hesitate when offered these to taste


me ? id have passed 


I did see with a friend an episode in England


Scotch Eggs , and a discussion of the origin 


and [#ROY#%RY(@#Y$R_#@Y%]


of Brexit.


I believe the world he saw and experienced


troubled him greatly, in a personal manner


for those he saw who had so little


an episode in Haiti , with a few local people , in a park.


they had the local push cart food , which he found delicious.


Children all around looked vary hungry 


so he bought the entire cart of food , rice and beans


and the children lined up for a meal.


the police arrived and created order 




he also personally protested past violence


now forgotten 


its about food here , but he remembered the bombing in Cambodia in his own way.


its a shame he found no personal relief from the ills of the world


as they affected him


in his life time.   


and so his talent and insight has been lost.





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On my recent trip to Palacios for a birding festival, the meeting spot for our Saturday and Sunday field trips was a place called The Point. The Point was one of the destinations featured in Parts Unknown (Houston - Season 8, Episode 5). I had watched the episode when it aired in 2016, but this was my first time in Palacios and I had not remembered The Point.










Grilled Pork Banh Mi

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