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A Hobbit in New Orleans

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Thanks folks :)


After lunch, we took a tour of the Garden District that was bookended by food.


First we went to




where I bought




and incidentally, the other books on offer were:








Then we ogled a bunch of houses, like these:






(this and the one immediately below this sentence were once owned by Anne Rice)










this was the house where the film The Curious Case of Benjamin Button was shot


then, we finished in front of Commander’s Palace




and took a street car back to the French Quarter where I saw




which is very likely NOT the same as the classic place


We’re resting for a few hours before dinner. More later...

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We went to Compere Lapin tonight.






left - tequila, aperol, passion fruit, lime

right - rose wine, hibiscus, elderflower, honeysuckle vodka












chive-bacon biscuits with chive butter and maple butter




conch croquettes, pickled pineapple tartar sauce




smoked tuna tartare, avocado, crispy bananas




hamachi, guava curry, papaya 


nice balance of sweet and heat, with a lingering “bite” that slowly builds in intensity 




roasted half chicken with rice and peas




curried goat, sweet potato gnocchi, cashews 


a combination that worked and also had no bones which attests to the kitchen’s attention to detail.




roasted banana zeppole, hazelnut, caramel sauce 




spiced chocolate mousse, lemongrass, cashews 


there was chocolate “soil” underneath the ice cream and faint notes of chile in the mousse, sort of like a mole


with a 20% tip, total for two came out to $190. plus the service was better and more attentive than our experience at Bayona.


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@gfweb - unfortunately we will have to file August and Cochon under “next time”. 


rather a pity too since these menus appeal




on the way back home, B and I discovered 




located on the first floor of the Roosevelt hotel which will also have to be for the future 

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If you are walking around the Vieux Carre  look for the author Frances Parkinson Keyes which you can tour.

If you like them the Audubon Zoo is a wonderful place to wander around.  I took a boat up to the zoo, spent the day there then took the streetcar back to Café du Monde.

We also toured the Mardi Gras museum and the mint, took a bayou tour and a history tour to Chalmette.




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18 hours ago, ProfessionalHobbit said:




(this and the one immediately below this sentence were once owned by Anne Rice)





I was never a fan of her vampire books, but if you have the chance by all means read Feast of All Saints. It's about the free people of color living in Louisiana before the war, and arguably the best thing she ever did.

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“Who loves a garden, loves a greenhouse too.” - William Cowper, The Task, Book Three


"Not knowing the scope of your own ignorance is part of the human condition...The first rule of the Dunning-Kruger club is you don’t know you’re a member of the Dunning-Kruger club.” - psychologist David Dunning


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After a jazz history tour, we were famished and ended up at Felix’s instead of Acme because we didn’t want to wait.


Bzzt....wrong answer.














these were the best thing - giant oysters that were fresh-tasting and sweet, served with lemon, cocktail sauce and horseradish 




these were subpar and probably were sitting out too long




just average 




red beans and rice needed oomph (and no andouille sausage)


oh well...

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After a few days of doing the gourmet thing, we decided to have BBQ for dinner tonight, and headed to The Joint.
















brisket and sausage with baked beans and coleslaw




pulled pork with the same sides as above 


the meat was moist, the sauces not sweet, the slaw interesting, and the beans well-made


the downside being not enough smoke flavor 


was better than average...but not a return destination 

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9 hours ago, MetsFan5 said:

I hope you’re shipping your cookbooks back or left a suitcase for them! Deep Run Roots is fantastic but a heavy book! 

LOL. You don't know how many times I've spent a panicky last afternoon hunting for a post office in an unfamiliar city!

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Oswego, NY

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@MetsFan5 - thanks but it’s ok, the five books plus the one I bought on Thursday will be my reading material on the trip back. I didn’t buy any heavy books this time.


It won’t be Southwest Airlines but the usual United garbage we have to deal with...so I need something pleasant to distract me from our ordeal.

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We went to Cochon today for Saturday brunch.










Boucherie platter.


clockwise from top left: pate; mustard; head cheese; toast points; pickled vegetables (green tomatoes, bread and butter pickles, dill); salami; lard mixed with chopped pork; some kind of ham.




beef short ribs, rice, mushroom gravy 




cochon (baby suckling pig), cabbage, pickled turnips, crackling



pineapple upside down cake, coconut lime sherbet, dulce de leche


Was amazing. With a 20% tip, came out to $125 for two.

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So glad you made it to Cochon. I sat on that side of the room next to a couple who are wine distributors and had just been to an extensive tasting. They were feeling quite social and we shared tastes of all our dishes. I enjoyed each one, but the "lodged in my taste brain" are the fried duck livers with pepper jelly. I see it just says livers on the menu now, not duck.  Great reporting!

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I love NOLA; I love to eat my way through it. I have a friend who contends the way to "do" a foodie tour of NOLA is an early breakfast somewhere of beignets or croissants and coffee; brunch at one of the classics; late lunch at a po'boy place or Willie Mae's, appetizers in a bar of a favorite about 5:30 or 6, and then dinner at 9 p.m., with lots of walking between each.


I think the only disappointing meal I ever had in NOLA was at Tujague's, on the opposite side of Jackson Square from Cafe DuMonde. I'd heard great things, but I guess you can hit anywhere on an off night. This one was.


I've never been overwhelmed with either Acme or Felix's. Drago's oysters are MUCH better. 


Glad you got to Mother's. I love the shrimp and oyster po'boy, and the debris isn't bad, either.


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Another fan of Cochon. That was my favorite meal in NOLA. It was a late dinner, Wish I could remember what kind of fish I had, but it was the best fish ever. Redfish? One fish, two fish, redfish, bluefish. Grilled, simple. Everything else was really good too, but it's a blur three years later. Hope you got a chance to go to the Backstreet Cultural Museum in Treme. Really amazing.


Also memorable, but maybe because it was so murderously hot, was Erin Rose bar in the French Quarter. They have an alcoholic coffee milkshake, sort of like an alcoholic version of Vietnamese iced coffee. But of course you have to like coffee milkshakes to begin with. Also very interesting to me were crossover sandwiches that were part po' boy and part banh mi.

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