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NYC Chocolate Walking Tours

carol lang

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I have worked from rented kitchens, made chocolates for wholesale and farmers's markets, thinking "someday" my own place.

That isn't going to happen for me, so why not escort chocolate lovers to my favorite shops in New York City


Twice I have  led  small groups of about 10 friends to visit some shops. I used email to reach out to 5 of my favorites telling them I was bringing a group

and requesting samples.   All 5 graciously responded and treated my guests to samples. My group was thrilled and excited by the attention and some made purchases.

I enjoyed the activity as well.  The walk, the talk and the chocolate made everyone happy.   I did not charge anything for these 2 tours.

      I would like to now design a monthly tour of these chocolate shops and charge a fee.

I am wondering on how to approach the chocolate shops to set up visits where they will provide samples for up to 15 people.

If I am now charging a fee  do I need to purchase samples ahead of time ? I am wondering how to set up a good relationship

between myself and these chocolatiers. 

I am looking to the experience and ideas of those of you here who might be able to help me.






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I don't know about the chcocolate business, but years ago, I knew people who ran food tours of the West Village - they would charge for their tours, and they would bring people around to various venues where people would hear history and get some samples.  I know there are tours like that still going on, as I've seen them in action while walking around.  Maybe you could talk to some of those tour operators and get some of their experience?

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