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I've been reading some great egullet threads on where to buy different foods, so I thought to ask about two current issues:

  • what brand of sun-dried tomatoes in oil do you use? And where do you get it from?
  • where do you buy dried vegetables and dried fruits?


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The event which started this was a jar of Victoria Mediterranean Sun Dried Tomatoes in Olive Oil, from Victoria Packing in Brooklyn. Largely the tomatoes had most of their skin and plenty of pith which was very tough. I thought it must be possible to buy better tomatoes.


I just bought a soup packet which had quite a bit of dried carrot and celery which I thought might be good to have on hand (25 year shelf life :D). I looked around online and could only uncover emergency food suppliers selling 72 hour to 1 year emergency food kits.


I did find Purcell Mountain Farms for beans.



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For dried beans, there is no better source than Rancho Gordo. 


Amazon has a reasonable stock of dried fruits, as does Brandless.


You can get a cheap (or an expensive) dehydryator and try your hand at drying fruit and veggies and making jerky yourself. I paid $20 for mine at Aldi (an Ambiano brand, four shelves), and it seems to work fine, or you can buy a $200 Excalibur, or you can use baking sheets in a low oven.


I dry cherry tomatoes every year, bag them and stick them in the freezer. I think I may preserve some in oil this year, just to sample the difference.


I think I'm also going to try my hand at drying herbs.

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