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Teage Ezrad books+new books from aussie chefs

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I guess this question is mainly to the Australian members here :-) Many years ago i've ordered Lotus : Asian flavors and it turned out to be a very big surprise, one of 

the best asian books i have, and was very cheap and affordable.. 

Have been thinking for a long time about ordering also the later book by Ezard and his guys, Gingerboy, but this is much harder to find and unfortunately what i see, is much more expensive then Lotus case.. So not sure if to pull the trigger.. Is it totally different and "special" from the first book, and might be worth the effort ?

And any info on newer books from great Austalian chefs is always fun to get :-) I have Sepia, Bentley, all Gilmore's books.. Sadly very hard to find currently Ben Shwery's origin in "reasonable" price (and english version..). Thx for any info !

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I don't own the Lotus book, but I like the Gingerboy book. A lot of recipes, and once you've got a stocked pantry you could make most of them. Nothing too obscure if you can access SE Asian ingredients.

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