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Barrio Bread, Tucson

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Who here has tried Barrio Bread's products?


They were featured in a recent Tucson travel guide and I bought a loaf of their bread at the Food Conspiracy Co-op on 4th Ave. Actually, I had gone to the co-op to purchase the White Sonora Wheat that Barrio Bread uses. The article was incorrect on the availability of the wheat at the co-op, but they had loaves of Barrio Bread for sale.




I bought a single loaf of sourdough. Later, how I wished I'd bought more! It was as flavorful as it was pretty. The texture was excellent and the flavor wonderfully complex. It wasn't as sour as, say, a San Francisco Sourdough, but it had enough sourdough flavor to satisfy me.




We were just passing through. Next time we pass through, assuming there is a next time, I'll try more of their bread. I have no business relationship with these people, but I hope they flourish.


Has anyone else tried their stuff?

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Don Guerra of Barrio Bread has won a James Beard award for "Outstanding Baker." This is really lovely news. He's contributed a lot to the Tucson food scene. It was fun to see him on the finale of Top Chef! 




That said, big congratulations to Don Guerra — the sweetest, most hardworking, and generous man to grace Tucson’s landscape with some of the most talented chefs, bakers, and producers this city has to offer the rest of the world.

His bread is just one aspect of that award. His heart is the other 99 percent. That reason alone is why that award means so much to us and for him, we would assume.

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