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Barrio Bread, Tucson

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Who here has tried Barrio Bread's products?


They were featured in a recent Tucson travel guide and I bought a loaf of their bread at the Food Conspiracy Co-op on 4th Ave. Actually, I had gone to the co-op to purchase the White Sonora Wheat that Barrio Bread uses. The article was incorrect on the availability of the wheat at the co-op, but they had loaves of Barrio Bread for sale.




I bought a single loaf of sourdough. Later, how I wished I'd bought more! It was as flavorful as it was pretty. The texture was excellent and the flavor wonderfully complex. It wasn't as sour as, say, a San Francisco Sourdough, but it had enough sourdough flavor to satisfy me.




We were just passing through. Next time we pass through, assuming there is a next time, I'll try more of their bread. I have no business relationship with these people, but I hope they flourish.


Has anyone else tried their stuff?

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