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Ive had Goat,


in Jamaica Curried Goat is common and popular and delicious


at least the few times ive tried it.


I went to an ethnic market in and ethic area of Boston , and looked for goat.


they had so many interring things in their meat section.


I asked for goat , and the manager took me back and opened a Fz box of goat , and band sawed me


some ribs and shoulders  hunks.   I BBQed the ribs and the shoulder.


it was very full flavored .  my labrador at the time , Ridge 


kept a full vigil at the Weber for quite some time.


it was too intense for me , at that time.


the neighborhood in question , no longer has that very large ethnic market


a crying shame , w Parking !


its been gentrified and has a plain vanilla very large 






My sister used to live in Tx.


there  Goat , very young , < 1 year 


perhaps cabritto


is a delicacy for those who appreciated.


that  Id love to try

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12 hours ago, Ann_T said:

...from a local farmer. 

That's the way I buy lamb, or goat—if I can find it.

~Martin :)

I just don't want to look back and think "I could have eaten that."

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The best thing about a vegetable garden is all the meat you can hunt and trap out of it!


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I had my goat interest piqued today by a Pakistani cabbie. No clue how it came up. He said is his favorite meat - could eat daily. He goes to Fontana (approx 70 miles eastish of LAX) to a ranch where you select and do own slaughter. They provide full set up. I had no idea. His preps sound mostly South Asian stews versus roasting. Lots of goat dairy product out there as well. Oh that list grows longer and longer. Any goat dishes of interest lately?

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I had curried goat in a Caribbean restaurant in Memphis once. It was excellent. Lots of bones, but excellent.


Don't ask. Eat it.


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I had barbecued cabrito in Texas a year or two ago and thought it excellent. This was at a place that really knew its 'cue. The meat was tender and delicately flavored, different from anything else I'd had. I would eat it again, but since my DH wouldn't touch it I would only get it again if I could have a small serving at some restaurant or somebody's home. Interesting that there's a slaughter-your-own place near Fontana.

Nancy Smith, aka "Smithy"
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I’ve really enjoyed goat when I’ve had it, which has usually been as barbacoa  in Chicago Mexican eateries. 





Remplis ton verre vuide; Vuide ton verre plein. Je ne puis suffrir dans ta main...un verre ni vuide ni plein. ~ Rabelais

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