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Ive had Goat,


in Jamaica Curried Goat is common and popular and delicious


at least the few times ive tried it.


I went to an ethnic market in and ethic area of Boston , and looked for goat.


they had so many interring things in their meat section.


I asked for goat , and the manager took me back and opened a Fz box of goat , and band sawed me


some ribs and shoulders  hunks.   I BBQed the ribs and the shoulder.


it was very full flavored .  my labrador at the time , Ridge 


kept a full vigil at the Weber for quite some time.


it was too intense for me , at that time.


the neighborhood in question , no longer has that very large ethnic market


a crying shame , w Parking !


its been gentrified and has a plain vanilla very large 






My sister used to live in Tx.


there  Goat , very young , < 1 year 


perhaps cabritto


is a delicacy for those who appreciated.


that  Id love to try

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12 hours ago, Ann_T said:

...from a local farmer. 

That's the way I buy lamb, or goat—if I can find it.

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