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Big hello from a video game developer

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Hello good friends and fellow foodies. 

I just joined this awesome forum, and super glad to be here with you great people. My name is Roman, and at the momentI live in San Jose, CA. For the past 18 years of my life I developed video games as a digital artist for various big and small companies. 

The work was fun for the most part, but one huge perk while I was working was the daily lunch trips with coworkers. We went  to so many different restaurants, tried so many different cuisines. I must say thats actually when I started to love food even more. 

I was born in Russia, well actually Soviet Union at that time. Those were the awesome 80's hahahah.


Soviet Union had lots of republics under its wings, and each republic had their own cuisine. But growing up in Moscow, we actually had very limited variety of delicious food. Mostly frozen and not so fresh. Going out to restaurants was not effecient and financially doable for many people. Thats why home-cooking was more popular.  However summer was always the Xmas for me and many others hahaha, fresh veggies, fruits, and trips to outdoors for grilling meats. 

When I came to US, first thing I had to fill myself up was the "evil" fast food lol, simply because we didnt have any American style fast food when I was young. And of course with time I discovered a world, actually more like a Galaxy of amazing food in this awesome country. 

18 years later here I am, cooking daily, and trying out so many new recipes with my wife. 

The coolest part of living today is the social media we have where we can be united with so much information. Its insane for sure. 

Today, I do food blogging and recently just created my very own youtube channel dedicated to food and culinary fun. 

But I'm very glad to be now part of this great forum. 

Thank you again guys for this opportunity. 


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Welcome... can't wait to see some of the things you make, and read discussions of different cuisines you like

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Welcome here. Glad to hear a great introduction from your side.

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