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Valrhona Inspirations

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Here's the proportions I used - didn't write down the instructions for some reason - but I recall I mixed mine up in the Sumeet.


Mango Bar with Chili Lime Salt


42 grams freeze dried mango powder
40 grams cocoa butter
15 grams sugar, or less
½ tsp amchour powder
1 drop lime oil
Chili Lime Salt
2 tbsp flaky salt, like maldon
1 tsp aleppo pepper
zest of 2 limes

Chili Lime Salt: salt and chili on baking sheet, grate over the lime zest - 200 F for 10 min or so until dry.

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This French company is selling Valrhona Inspirations in small quantities



I think they deliver world wide, their site now shows currency and language choices while previously it was all French.  Their “English” pages show the US flag so I’m guessing they aren’t particularly targeting UK customers.  There is technical info on the page linked to above including a tempering guide.

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