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Amsterdam gastronomy restaurants

Bu Pun Su

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Amsterdam has plenty of multiple star restaurants, but the ‘problem’ is there isn’t any 3-star so sometimes it’s not quite obvious which one is a “must go”. Librije’s Zusje and Ciel Bleu are famous, but at the end my wife and I went to Bord’Eau, located in the opulent and historical hotel de l’Europe. The review of this restaurant can be tricky because Richard van Oostenbrugge (with his sous chef) left the restaurant to run his own at the end of last year. Therefore, the report here may not be too ‘useful’ except for a historical perspective of Bord’Eau … unless Chef Oostenbrugge’s new restaurant would serve of Richard’s old dishes here. By the way, we had dinner in Oct ‘17


The food was based on classical French adding modern elements and contemporary techniques. Some Asian influence could be seen in a few dishes and I think Richard van Oostenbrugge (RvO) executed and integrate them smoothly. Some of its signature dishes such as oxtail with marrow & creamy polenta; green apple dessert; and chocolate balloon were up to their reputations. The other dishes were of high quality though not necessarily mind-blowing. You could see the link below for more details.


The service was good in general but uneven. The below average one was surprisingly delivered by the manager / maître d’ who was very rigid and the smile looked forced / fake. Maybe he had a bad day. Water and wine were not promptly refilled sometimes. The best part, there were 2 junior staffs (ladies, one was local and another one was French) who did fantastic jobs. Despite their young age, they were helpful, enthusiastic and knowledgeable about the food and a few other things. They sincerely wanted us to have a great time and put us at ease.


The dining room was chic with white and gold highlighted its interiors. It was intimate, so the space between tables was a bit too tight. Try to get the window seats if possible for a beautiful view of the canals and the city. Overall, it was a convincing 2-star restaurant and I think if RvO keeps honing his skills, 5-7 years down the road, he has a decent chance to gain the 3rd star at his new place.   


Pictures of the meal: https://www.flickr.com/photos/7124357@N03/sets/72157692106735584



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