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8 hours ago, Pacman said:

Up for sale is a used PACOJET Jubilee edition professional cooking device in excellent condition, It comes with three canisters.


Asking for $2000 shipped.


Pm me if interested



Does it come with the Coupe set?

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On 1/6/2018 at 4:24 PM, CanadianHomeChef said:

I'm tempted! Maybe if my income were a bit higher xD 

Why are you parting with it? I've heard good things about it. 


I’m a home cook and am actually selling because of lack of usage.

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I don't feel at all comfortable about to post this but it might at least help opening your eyes if you are about to message the OP.

If it goes against forum rules, I gladly ask an administrator to delete my post.


I am in the market for a pacojet and found this post by googling. Despite him not having any previous post, I was not about pre judging him, I am new here and was new in another forum (photography) that often used to exchange camera gear and was a great experience. 

Got contacted by OP and started asking the usual questions: where was it used, how much use, everything works, etc...

When asked for references, he sent a screenshot from an eBay profile.




The username provided "bitbyte27" doesn't exist on eBay, that was my first sign of alarm.


Further research showed OP sent me images lifted from a previous eBay auction which finished last December. Screenshot_20180313-225349.thumb.png.c8a9685655ed17dedf7a7883ec2948f7.pngpacojet.jpg.406639ea84f183f867967a8d5247d934.jpg


When faced to this info, OP said:

- might be a problem of eBay

- I have used those photos because the actual unit is at 5 hours drive at my "winter house" and won't go there until I have a buyer


I asked OP to send an actual link for an item currently on sale at his store and the actual pictures of the Pacojet. 2 days have passed and still no answer.

I really wanted to close the deal, but at this point its like non sense to go with it. I really hoped OP was serious since im craving for a pacojet with some life still left for personal use.




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