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Cooking with Distilled Water


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I have several gallons of distilled water from when the hurricane blew through. As much as I said I wasn't going to buy water  I caved the day before and distilled was the only thing available.   Never used a drop during the hurricane but it's been used in the steam mop

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I use distilled water to make dashi:



Which reminds me I have not made dashi in a while.


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The only times I've ever cooked with purchased water were when we lived in Belgium for three months, and discovered that the tap water was so hard that lentils wouldn't soften if you tried to cook them in it. I suspect that the cookbook authors that are specifically calling for purchased water are hedging their bets against hard tap water. Everywhere else I've lived, it hasn't been a problem.


I wouldn't try to cook with distilled water. It tastes yucky.


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