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Dinner 2018

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We went to a potluck on Sunday where all of the dishes on offer were from Marcella Hazan's cookbooks.


My contribution was














Green beans with sweet pepper, tomato and chile pepper, from "Essentials of Classic Italian Cooking", pages 474-475.


It's tasty but to be perfectly frank, not as good as my version of fagiolini e pomodoro. If you want, I can demo that the next time I get a chance to make it. It's pretty simple by comparison - has lard, tomato, garlic, green beans, salt, pepper. Marcella's has olive oil, onion, yellow bell pepper, tomato, green beans, salt, pepper AND chile pepper flakes. She also has a few more steps than what I would have done: she has you prep the vegetables a certain way whereas I dispense with most of it. She also doesn't braise the beans as long as I do.

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Diver scallops/cauliflower mash/ Fatty asparagus / lemon garlic sauce



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Its good to have Morels

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41 minutes ago, Paul Bacino said:

Diver scallops/cauliflower mash/ Fatty asparagus / lemon garlic sauce



Fatty asparagus?

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4 minutes ago, gfweb said:

Fatty asparagus?

Extra thick..  I not a fan of the pencil type  :)


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Its good to have Morels

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This was a dish that evolved over a few days.  I started with two different bottled mole sauces from Dona Maria-The Pipian and regular Mole.  I blended those together with some red enchilada sauce, water, liquid smoke, chicken stock, garlic and bay leaf, Mexican oregano.  I was really just winging it at that point.  Then added enough water so it wasn't too thick.


The first night I used chicken quarters braised in a slow oven in the sauce.  It turned out pretty good, but as I do a lot, I started to tinker with it the next day.  I pulled off the chicken meat off the bone and simmered it in some of the extra mole sauce.  Served with rice seasoned with achiote powder, tomato, peas, chili powder.  I think the chicken would be realy good if I cooked it low and slow in my outdoor smoker.  Garnished with cojita cheese and cilantro.  I forgot the pickled red onions I had made!





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Warning: This is a verrrrrrrrrrrrrry long post.


This is the Ramadan period and invitation for Iftar (breaking the fast) are the order of the daily invites.

It is usually a very lavish buffet with many dishes.

I have skipped pictures of the Soups station as well as the fresh juices station. I also did not include the Western dishes and desserts as well as the Falafel and whatnot.


This will give you a pretty illustrated picture of a typical Ramadan Iftar.


Today the invite was at a private house where I was able to take some Iphone pictures.




1- Salads and Starters



- Tabouleh









- Crab Meat Salad









- Aubergine Mutabal









- Humos









- Armenian Itch









- Muhamara Aleppo









- Fruits de Mer Salad









- Baba Ghanouj









- Kebbe Nayeh (Raw Lamb meat with Burghul)









- Warak Enab bel Zait (Vine leave vegy)









- Loubiah bel Zeit (Green Beans)









- Fried Vegs (Aubegine - Cauliflower....etc)









- Foul bel Zeit (Fava Beans)









- Jajik Yogurt Salad









- Bamieh bel Zeit (Okra)









- Pickles and Olives
















2- Main Dishes



- Kibbeh (Meshwieh and Mabrumeh)








- Kouusa bel Labam (Courgette meat and Yogurt)









- Warak Enab Mehshi (Stuffed Vine Leaves Lamb Meat)









- Mashawi (Grills)









- Chicken Biryani









- Kefta bel Tahineh 









- Stuffed Aubergine and Tomatoes (meat and cheese)









- Ouzi (Lamb)








- Sendawat (Stuffed Intestine Bonbons)









3- Sweets and Fruits




- Melon









- Watermelon









- Mixed Fruit salad









- Katayef Joz (Wlanuts)









- Katayeh Eshta (Clotted Cream)









- Katayef Raw (Clotted Cream)









- Forgot the name









- Knafe bel Jebn (Cheese)









- Awamat









- Dates Brioche






I did gobble two Rennie's as soon as I hit home.


I also did not include the Shesha Water pipe after the meal and the coffee and tea ceremonials.


I think I will go on a diet as soon as Ramadan is over.








Edited by Nicolai Picture added for Kibbeh (Meshwieh and Mabrumeh) (log)
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9 minutes ago, rotuts said:



yikes !


when you do it


you do it right !





Rotuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuts  Xxxxx  


Meet you half way. I will be in London as of mid June. Just swim across the pond  ;)

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23 hours ago, JoNorvelleWalker said:

I clicked "like" but I have to ask:  what is it?

HAHA.  Goes to show trhat you truelly eat with your eyes first. :D

Left over pulled pork in baked potatoes.  WIth the addition of butter, cheese and salsa.

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Potato salad and wings



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Oh my ! so many awesome dishes here lately. I've been out for a month with personal things, and now Im back into cooking :) 


Enjoying final weeks of fresh garlic so I made one of my favorite spaghetti dishes Aglio e Olio - Spaghetti with garlic and oil


Such a super simple recipe, but the taste and flavor it packs is incredible guys. Highly recommend it. The pasta water and olive oil is a huge key







Enjoy :) 


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@Nicolai -- I would break a fast with you and your friends ANYTIME! That looks marvelous!


I am attempting to recreate what was possibly the best pasta salad I've ever had (for lunch, by a commercial catering company; surely I can get close). Reports later.

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Don't ask. Eat it.


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 Had to be fast and simple tonight. More cabbage salad but this time dressed with gomasio and very simple pan-grilled boneless, skinless chicken thighs. 

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Anna Nielsen aka "Anna N"

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"Cooking is about doing the best with what you have . . . and succeeding." John Thorne

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Going clamming is an endless task, that can be quite maddening. First you check the weather, tides and clam bed hot line for a time you can go out, then you race to use them up while they are fresh, but once you use them up, you are back checking the weather, tides and hot line to go out again. It's an addiction, I never want to shake!


Fresh berry shortcake is another addiction I would choose not to lose!



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I'm in the Moldovan capital and eating typical Moldovan food. Moldova doesn't really have much "traditional food" to call its own. They got ideas from their neighbours and former occupiers.


Moldovan flatbread filled with cabbage.





Cottage cheese dumplings.






This is a wine drinking and wine producing country. The quality of wines is quite good so far, not to mention cheap. These are wine taps in the restaurant. Red, chardonay, rosé and Traminer.



A very pleasant restaurant serving typical national dishes at very reasonable prices and in a nice atmosphere. Extremely popular with locals and now the tourists are checking it out, too.



As soon as I got back to my lodging...



Corkscrew borrowed from the lodging's owner. It worked after several tries.


Edited by BonVivant (log)
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@Nicolai That's a glorious post, and reading the phrase "stuffed intestine bonbons" will keep me in a good mood all day. :)

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"Not knowing the scope of your own ignorance is part of the human condition...The first rule of the Dunning-Kruger club is you don’t know you’re a member of the Dunning-Kruger club.” - psychologist David Dunning


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Ciceri and Tria. Handmade pasta with chickpea and sofrito sauce, rosemary, a hint of cinnamon and pan-fried pasta.


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~ Shai N.

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