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Why we fell for clean eating

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The unfortunate thing about nutritional studies in general is that it's basically impossible to design one that meets the same standards of scientific rigor we'd apply to other fields. For starters, you'd ideally need two complete, separate human populations of statistically significant size that you could feed with completely controlled diets over a period of decades, ideally with regular monitoring by medical professionals. That's not going to happen any time soon (unless, say, an autocrat like Kim Jong Un takes an interest in nutrition) so the best we're left with is the usual cohort studies and meta studies.


In other words, whatever your prejudices and predilections, you're likely to find studies backing them.


In my own specific case I've cooked Atkins/keto for my GF, who paddles in that pool occasionally, but I can't do it myself. Whole grains are my personal staple, from my morning steel-cut oats onward, and I'd probably find it easier to go vegan than to go keto. My feeling is that most people need to eat a *wider* variety of foods, not to arbitrarily cut out whole classes of them, and (of course) I could cite any number of studies to support that as well.

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