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Mario Batali

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Another one disappoints the dining world: https://ny.eater.com/2017/12/11/16759540/mario-batali-sexual-misconduct-allegations


i honestly thought Bourdain was alluding to Flay on his tweets prior to this coming out. 



  It's hard to boycott his establishments considering all of the Eatlys are co-owned by him. 


  I'm sad but not shocked.


i feel like every day a new story will come out. 

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I think it is disgusting that these guys have gotten away with this kind of behavior for as long as they have - and, I hope that those who do that kind of thing now recognize that it is not acceptable behavior and stop it.


With that being said, I don't agree with boycotting the establishments run (or formerly run) by them.  I understand that they are still profiting from these places, but by boycotting them, you are also hurting hundreds of innocent employees - some of whom are the ones who have been harassed in the past.  Also, rather than patronizing these places, chances are you would patronize a different place (as opposed to not going out at all) - but, how can you be sure that the replacement establishment isn't being run by one of the sh*theads who do this stuff also, but just hasn't become public yet?

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Yeah, at least at some of these places, like Mario's holdings, you know that things are being done, measures being taken to see that it doesn't happen again.


Today, Morgan Spurlock (Supersize Me) outed himself as an abuser and part of the problem. His apology seems sincere and thoughtful, but poorly written, and one wonders why he's having an epiphany at this moment -as he's had corrective moments in the past to inform him of wrongdoing.


I won't be too surprised to see more news  about others in the future. Judging by the number of incidents I myself have experienced, and my friends have experienced, perpetrators and their defenders are more common than previously discussed in polite society. Pretty much every industry has been affected by this bad behavior IMO, the news now is seeing how, or if, they change in the future.

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6 hours ago, GlorifiedRice said:

Batali apologized and also gave out a recipe for cinnamon buns...




Absolutely true

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I don't know Mario.


I did learn a lot from Molto Mario quite some time ago.


he and his partners have done vary well


and Im pleased for that.


however , based on MotoMario


he understands a bit of his personal errors.


hopefully he might understand how EtOH


is not his friend.


who has apologized  as he has ?




his mistake is to go to his Image Consultants


and thinning 


for all the money he has paid them


cinnamon Rx


is helpful ?




Im hopeful that he might straighten  himself out.


as in the past


Ive seen a lot of talent in this person 

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