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Australian electrician uses snack bags to block GPS

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The article:

"Australian man uses snack bags as Faraday cage to block tracking by employer"


Tom Colella used mylar snack bags to block GPS tracking via his employer-assigned personal digital assistant to go out to play a round of golf—more than 140 times—while he reported he was offsite performing repairs...

Colella...fashioned empty foil packets of Smith's Twisties into crude Faraday cages, blocking the signals from GPS satellites as he ducked out to the links. Snack packets are made with a foil that combines aluminum and mylar plastic, making them electrically conductive and ideal as a temporary electromagnetic shield for mobile devices—as long as the packet is closed and grounded—and you don't mind a few crumbs on your device.

That was quite ingenious of him. It's too bad he got caught (says the Homer Simpson inside of me ;)). 


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