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How to know if a cake shop has excellent products?

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One of my friends is leaving for Spain next week, and I’m planning to surprise her with a party before she leaves. Since she’s a huge lover of sweets, I decided to buy her a cake. I don’t know where to start looking, but my brother suggested that I buy from this online provider of custom cakes. I checked their website, and I think they have cakes that my friend will love. I haven’t bought anything yet because I want to be 100% sure that their cakes are truly excellent. Do you have any idea how I should examine cakes through the Internet? What are the things that I must take into consideration? Thanks!

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Does your country have some sort of review website? here in the US, we have yelp, where customers talk about their experiences at restaurants, bakeries, etc.


I looked at their website. While it is impossible for me to rate this shop's flavors, I would say that the quality is somewhere in the middle of the pack, not the best but not the worst. I am a pastry chef. I have attended international competitions in pastry, and have seen world-class cakes. This bakery is missing many details. I don't like the hulls left on the strawberries. (nothing inedible should be served) The piping is sloppy, and much of the assembly isn't great. It's better than a supermarket cake, but, not a top tier item.


I am sorry, I cannot help you much more, welcome to eGullet and good luck to you!

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are you near them to be able to buy a pastry and see what it is like?  Perhaps call a leading hotel and ask to speak to their pastry chef and see what the recommendation is.  Or perhaps call the most sought-after wedding planner in Dubai and see what cake shop they recommend.


I agree with Lisa's assessment; they have a lot of custom designs and lots of fondant work (which is neatly done; at least I didn't see any glaring errors but it's not top tier,  You might not have a lot of choices  though.



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