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Jon Savage

Venezia 2017 autumn like a moth to a flame

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So yeah. So it begins with deference to the forum guidelines.


I've been going to Venezia for a good long while now.

I look forward to shopping for lovely seafood & eating in restos owned by dear friends. 

Thanks all for the encouragement. I'll reboot this food-centered blog real soon now as we depart for Venice. Quite a contrast to the last time actually - When I last blogged Venezia by chance the whole financial world imploded. 

We have a different apartment this go round as the one by Arsenale we'd used for years is off the market. 


This one is by sta maria della formosa. It has an Altana too. 


We are very much looking forward to this trip. 


Hit me up via PM or elsewhere for OT Questions.```

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On 10/16/2017 at 12:40 AM, Kerry Beal said:



My thoughts turned towards packing today. Really if you are me or my partner the most important thing to pack is a knife roll. Cutlery in rental apartments is sucky(tm) and I suspect this apartment will be no exception. 

Without further ado-

My gyuto. Sea's Deba. 2 pettys. A microplane, doublesided water stone, throw away pepper grinder & cutting board - We leave the latter 2 behind to enrich the flat. 


Anything else doesn't matter; we both know how to pack & travel light... But for the knives, it would be all carry-on. Funny really - Sea & I pretty much pack the same way regardless if a 2 day biz trip or 3 weeks abroad.


I'm already thinking of menus to cook; Thanksgiving will involve Duck Breast as always...


Pretty funny in hindsight- We are always abroad at Thanksgiving. I don't actually know when we were last CONUS for said holiday. 


My back is fskedtoo... Gonna take some meds & crash.




Added photo reason for edit.

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