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Thanks to Kerry Beal, for several months now, a number of us have been having some fun with the eGullet Recipe Bake-Off. The Bake-Offs are intended to be open forums where all members are invited and encouraged to share their baking experiences in a non-competitive, collaborative manner.

There are a few guidelines:

  • All recipes must adhere to the Copyright Laws.
  • If you share a recipe, it should be posted in RecipeGullet.
  • Remember this is not a competition - simply a chance for everyone who chooses to bake the same thing, compare notes, perhaps make suggestions. Essentially just to have fun. Let's keep it friendly - there are no right or wrong recipes.
  • It's never to late to join in. Don't hesitate to contribute at any point, even if a topic hasn't had a new post in months (or years!).

We've created this index so that all of the Bake-Offs are easy to find and join in. We'll keep it updated.

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