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Tube pan vs bundt


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Pro tip: A stiff paint brush works very well for that. 

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Bundt pans transfer heat better than tube pans when making very dense, fruited cakes.  

There is a "forumla" for a "grease" for these pans that works very well.  

I make it in batches and store in the fridge and I apply it with a fairly stiff brush - more recently I use a silicone brush.

Vegetable Oil ½ Cup (120ml)        (I use rice bran oil)

Solid Vegetable Shortening 1 Cup (226g)  (for this only Crisco works)

All Purpose Flour 1 Cup (130g)

Dump it all in a mixing bowl and blend with a hand mixer.  You can do it in food processor but believe me, it is more difficult to get it all out.

It will keep at room temp for a week or so - keeps well in the fridge for a couple of months. 

Next month, when I begin preparing for holiday baking, I will prepare a double batch.

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