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Amer Boudreau dried orange peel giveaway

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I made a double batch, which makes about 4 bottles of Amer Boudreau. I had to buy the peel in bulk. I'd be happy to send this on to someone else who wants to make some. I've already given away as much as I can. I have about 4 oz of bitter orange and about 12 oz sweet orange peel. Use what you want and if there's more, maybe pass it one to someone else? PM me with your address. If no one wants it in a week or so, I'll pitch it.


Recipe here: http://kindredcocktails.com/ingredient/amer-boudreau


Depending upon what I infuse with (I'm using Everclear 95% this time), I may or may not add the water. I like something in the 80-100 proof range for the final product. Infusing for 3 weeks seems to be plenty.

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