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Goûter et Gourmandises

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We have Breakfast - Lunch - Salads...etc but we do not have un goûter d'apres midi, which is very Frenchy and the English equivalent would be vaguely Afternoon Tea..


As for Gourmandises, the English for the word would be Treats (awful translation).


We still very much are in favor of 4 meals a day, the French/Italian way.  This is what I had on a lazy Sunday afternoon.

I am a bit disheartened by the commercial Ice Cream parlors all over the world and few places still do the genuine stuff with real cream and chocolate.



I was dragged kicking and screaming to the Godiva shop although they know that I dislike Godiva and prefer Neuhaus and Leonidas chocolates.

We went for the Ice Cream and I made my choice for a Godiva Ice Cream Sundae.........well it was Sunday  :B


And how mistaken was I when I was presented with a beautiful arrangement of Chocolate Ice Cream sitting on top of a glass with crushed ice and covered with Chantilly Cream and doted with soft and chewy Brownie cubes and drizzled with Chocolate Fudge sauce.......Taste of real chocolate in three variations and Creme Chantilly made in-house and not from a can.


My oh my. Evil on a plate.

Divorce case pending!


Enjoy the pics





















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I've never seen their ice cream but I confess a shameful attraction to Godiva chocolate.  I seldom purchase chocolate any more, however there is something to be said for naked women.  With or without a horse.


When my younger son was in collage he brought a friend home.  We visited a shop that sold Godiva by the piece.  Said son purchased a piece for each of us.  He told her:  "When I was younger I always wondered why we were poor."


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