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Flavor scientists create a lexicon of terms to describe nuances of Rum

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What's in your rum? Flavor scientists create a lexicon of terms to describe nuances of popular beverage.


Looks like flavor scientists are just now starting to approach the study of Rum, and have run into issues with tasters experiencing sensory fatigue too quickly to make much progress in the lab. So, they started using the Internet to develop a basic lexicon of flavor descriptors. Looks like some eG members' work may eventually become part of the scientific standards for describing rum.

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They analyzed descriptions from a number of blogs (in addition to corporate rum product pages):


Best of Luxury
Dowd’s Tasting Notes
El Machete’s Rum Reviews
Fahrenheit 173
Got Rum
Proof 66
Refined Vices
Rob’s Rum Guide
Rum Dood
Rum Ratings
Scottes’ Rum Pages
Spirits Review
The Rum Howler
The Rum Shop
The Rumelier

It's a neat exercise in building a consensus-based lexicon, but I'd want to dig deeper into additional non-corporate websites, forum-based material, and published books to be truly comprehensive.


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