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Replicating the flavour of Iron Brew

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Everyone knows that the recipe for Barr's "Irn Bru" drink is secret.


However, many different alternative brands of Iron Brew exist, and various Iron-Brew-flavoured products (e.g. sweets, ice cream, beer/cider/spirits, e-cigarette liquids) also exist, so there must be a fairly well-known way to replicate the taste, and various recipes which probably come very close to the original.


I'm keen to create my own flavouring from scratch but I can't find any information whatsoever on a possible recipe.


Various recipes for drinks such as Coca Cola are easily available but I can't find anything for Iron Brew.


Has anyone here tried to create their own Iron Brew flavour or know of anyone who has?



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There are some trade secrets which have never managed to be revealed. IIRC, the Dr. Pepper and Moxie formulas are still secret.


I have never tasted Irn Bru, if I ever find some, I'll let you know what I think is in it. (I worked briefly for a US soft drink company developing flavors, and I am pretty good at replicating some newer drinks.)

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