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My son is a fan or KANSAS whiskey which is a blend of neutral grain alcohol and some kind of whiskey, not unlike blended Scotch.  I was in the liquor store to pick up a bottle for him and the owner pointed out two other whiskeys made in Kansas City.  I collect labels for decorative reasons and here are the ones from J. Reiger which we tried this week.  The back label says it is a pre Prohibition style blend of corn, malt and rye with a little bit of 15 year old Oloroso Sherry which gives it a very smooth finish.  After I removed the label, I noticed that the back of the labels has a gentleman (J. Reiger?). It took a few minutes to figure out the other one but with a bit of the Kansas river showing, it must be an old map of Kansas City.  Charlie and I  like it alot.  Next one to try is Pendergast whiskey. Tom Pendergast was a prohibition era political boss. He bought whiskey by the barrel and re bottled it under his name.  He is said to have played a part in getting Harry Truman started in his political career. 




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Here is the other whiskey, a gift.  Pendergasts Royal Gold Bourbon.  Back label says "Until he could fire up his own still, the country's most corrupt political boss, "King Tom" Pendergast procured the finest bourbon.  He bottled it, trademarked the brand name, and sold Royal Gold to a thirsty public.  In the same spirit and with the same name, we presentPendergast's Royal Gold Bourbon.  We didn't have to bribe anyone to make it taste this good."  This one is an actual Bourbon.


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