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Real Texas BBQ in Dallas? Asking for a friend. :)

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I used to roam the DFW area looking for good barbecue, but all of it fell far short of central Texas barbecue.  Two places that have opened since I was there and are likely better than any of the places I went are Lockhart Smokehouse and Pecan Lodge.  Sorry, I can't provide any first-hand experience of either place, but they're probably worth a try.







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I haven't been to Dallas in decades so I can't give personal recommendations but here's the latest Texas Monthly Top 50 list - alphabetically by city, scroll down to Dallas.


Five years ago when the list was last published, Pecan Lodge was ranked # 4 overall.  This time around, it doesn't make the Top 10 (separate list but numbers appear with reviews in the link) but is still on the list, as is Lockhart.  A newer Dallas joint does make the Top 10, Cattleack,@ # 3.  I also see one joint in McKinney and one in Fort Worth and there may be others in towns around Dallas I don't recognize, just in case your friend is not going to be close and convenient to any of the three actually in Dallas.


Here in the Houston area there is a ton of coverage also in the media, blogs, podcasts and such like; I'm sure there's a lot of that available in Dallas but I don't have any links.


Your friend should prepare for long lines at any of these, I'm sure.

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Having lived in Central Texas for years and having eaten at the Big 3 in Lockhart frequently - Smitty's, Kreuz, and Black's - I just cannot get terribly excited about Lockhart in Davis St in Oak Cliff. It is good, but not fabulous. Pecan Lodge, on the other hand, is killer. I am also a fan of Smoke, also in Oak Cliff.

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