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Dinner 2017 (Part 6)


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I've been on vacation the past couple of weeks so have been eating out a lot, but also sometimes cooking at the vacation house.  The other night we did build your own soft tacos.  Flank steak version




Vegetarian version




Last night I made grilled wahoo with some local greens and grilled bread



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Vegetarian mapo tofu (mushroom based), with hand made thin noodles. I find the noodles more pleasant in this dish than the traditional rice. The noodles are velvety and do good justice to the flavorful oily sauce.


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~ Shai N.

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Long time I've not been posting here...but I was so proud of my 20 minutes and clean up the refrigerator meal IMG_7289.thumb.JPG.48dae3dd62e7469dae220d0f9a5f22a0.JPG


crudite platter, bruschetta, roasted eggplants, carpaccio and had two bunches of scallions thet made a very tasty frittata





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I bit the bullet and picked 2 victims for fried green tomatoes. The first time we had great ones was in NOLA topped with crab meat, but I had a few shrimp in the freezer, so I went with shrimp scampi chunks. Paired with deviled eggs, pickled zucchini, and fresh local corn, it was a fine thing!



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9 hours ago, shain said:

Vegetarian mapo tofu


Interesting twist using the noodles. I have a habit of using the "wrong" carbs with many Chinese dishes. Gong bao (kung-po) with spaghetti, for example. Or Chinese roast duck with couscous.


By the way, "vegetarian mapo tofu" is a recognised and common dish in Sichuan (and other parts of China), but when vegetarian is known as "mala tofu - 麻辣豆腐 má là dòu fǔ).

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...your dancing child with his Chinese suit.


The Kitchen Scale Manifesto

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I need a bigger plate. Although it's already a big plate.


I had these three yellowtail fish




Gutted and fried them whole but headless. Then made a simple salad of lettuce, yellow bell pepper, mint and tomato, dressed with a lemon vinaigrette. Served with rice.




As you can see, I could only fit two on the plate with the rice and salad - and it's still overcrowded. No problem finish those two and the salad. Get other fish and rest of salad. Continue. Robert is your mother's brother.

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...your dancing child with his Chinese suit.


The Kitchen Scale Manifesto

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13 hours ago, liuzhou said:

By the way, "vegetarian mapo tofu" is a recognised and common dish in Sichuan (and other parts of China), but when vegetarian is known as "mala tofu - 麻辣豆腐 má là dòu fǔ).


That's nice to know :)  I did a quick google search, and while the "regular" preparation looks delicious, I stumbled on this: http://glanne.blog.sohu.com/13482098.html know I'm going to have to practice my mediocre tofu slicing skill.


Dinner - Chana masala. Rice with black lentils, okra, coconut milk and thai red curry. Scrambled eggs and green beans with yogurt and asafetida based  sauce. Yogurt and mango chutney.




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~ Shai N.

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On 8/3/2017 at 8:39 PM, scubadoo97 said:

Cooked a rib cap ala Paul Bacino. SV @ 140 for 2-3 hrs given my time frame.   Passed on the sear since I was afraid of over cook it .   Served with the bag juices which I should have strained and a baked potato 


The meat was very tender and fat soft.  A sear would have been nice 


Cool..  a crusty bite is a nice addition!!  Yeah  the juice thing.. I wasnt sure of TOO!!



Edited by Paul Bacino (log)

Its good to have Morels

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Did some fill in work today and picked up a pound each of  grouper and snapper at a fish market near work after leaving.  The filets were nice and thick.   Cooked a half pound of each tonight and the rest will be cooked tomorrow.   Served with a purée of sweet potatoes seasoned with diced jalapeños, butter, vanilla bean and citrus and a quick cabbage  slaw with diced  red pepper and the jalapeño with a citrus based dressing 






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We had friends up from Florida for a few days. 


One dinner was proceeded by cocktails – IRS Blues Martini:


Citrus flavored vodka, blue curacao and lemonade.


The Union Stimulus Package:


Muddled strawberries, agave and vodka.


And The Money Maker:


Pear flavored vodka, Midori and lemon juice.  Silly names, but all tasty. 


I had planned on making shrimp pizza for dinner, but we were so full from lunch that we didn’t get hungry until late, so I just sautéed the shrimp and served it with my HOT cocktail sauce (the only spicy thing I like):



Served with corn chowder w/ paprika oil:



And garlic naan:



This was the night’s tragedy:


Dinner the night before was at the fabulous L’opposum in Richmond.  I had one entire crab cake and half of the other left over (they were enormous) and our friend, Gary, had most of one left.  I thought they’d be wonderful with the shrimp and I put them in the microwave to slightly warm…and discovered them still there the next morning.  I had completely forgotten them!  I don’t think Gary has forgiven me yet.  And I’m still grieving. :(


Another guest dinner started with a visit to the Belmont Butchery.  Our friends got to meet and talk with Tanya Cauthen – the owner and our local culinary celebrity.  She competed and WON a recent Chopped episode.  She was delightful and happy to answer their questions and tell about her experience.  We got some charcuterie to go with dinner that night.



We also stopped at Wegman’s to show it to our friends and to buy some stuff to augment dinner.  We spent an embarrassing amount of time tasting every cheese the fellow at the cheese counter offered us and bought a few.  Our friends had ordered some cheeses from Beehive Cheeses to be sent here and I planned dinner around that.  The dinner table:



The meats:


Mortadella, Fromani Soppressata, Framani Toscano, Creminelli Fennel Salame, Creminielli Calabrese Salame, and Edwards country ham.




Top row are from Beehive Cheese: Barely Buzzed (espresso and lavender hand-rubbed) , Apple Walnut (cold smoked), Big John’s Cajun, Fully Loaded (with double-Rye whiskey), and Tea Hive (black tea and bergamot).

Bottom row: St. Augur Bleu (France), Cave Ripened 1916 (VT/NY), Pie d’Angloys (France) and Cypress Grove Midnight Moon (Netherlands)


Pickly stuff:


Pickled grape tomatoes and assorted olives.


Bread and crackers:



Sliced apples:



Bacon wrapped dates stuffed w/ Manchego:


These were a partial fail.  When I tested the recipe, I decided that a whole piece of bacon was too much – you didn’t taste anything but bacon and they were awkward to eat.  So I decided on just one half a slice per date.  These are fried in oil and the whole slice of bacon stayed on just fine.  It didn’t occur to me that the half slice wouldn’t have as good a ‘hold’.  So most of the bacon came off in the fryer.  No matter – I can fix that next time with toothpicks and these were simply addicting.  These get drizzled with a honey-balsamic glaze.  I confess to coming down before I went to sleep and microwaving a couple more to nibble.  Fantastic things.


Puff pastry pockets stuffed with bleu cheese and drizzled with black pepper infused honey:


We were food intoxicated by the end of this day.


Another friend came for a visit on his way home from NC.  Served @Maggie the Cat's Shrimp w/ Corn & Basil:



Napa salad w/ radishes, carrots, toasted sliced almonds & fried noodles w/ Copycat

Oriental dressing:



Billy Bread:





All the house guests were gone – back to normal!  One dinner started with, what else, salad:








And pickly stuff:



Another dinner - breakfast.  I couldn’t bear wasting the leftover Billy bread from the other night, so I made French toast:


With applesauce and Edward’s Country ham.


Cook’s Country Pan Fried Pork Chops, fixed up Kraft, Poppaw’s green beans (whole canned with bottled Italian dressing – this was how my great grandfather ate green beans and is still the only way I like them other than long cooked southern-style) and corn:





@Marlene's Ground Round with red wine sauce, broccoli and mac and cheese:



Mr. Kim’s Spaghetti Sauce on Wegman’s Barilotti pasta:



Raw vegetables (lettuce had died on me) and garlic naan with Fontina:






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