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Dinner 2017 (Part 6)


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@ProfessionalHobbit,  you had one of my favourite meals.  LOVE oxtails.  


Last night's dinner - Lobster two ways.



First poached in garlic butter and served with the butter, over mashed potatoes

and the second way the lobster was basted with garlic butter and broiled in the CSO.

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21 hours ago, rotuts said:



Ive always enjoyed your post


if y9u can manage it


Id like the Rx on those 


biscuits I see on the chicken stew


of course


how did you make the Chicken stew ?





The biscuits are cheaters--the Red Lobster cheddar bay box mix!  The stew is an Ina Garten recipe.  I added corn to bulk it out because I was feeding a crowd.  Here's the recipe:




Last night, short ribs, mashed potatoes, carrots, and mushroom wellington




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