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Anna N

Amazon buys Whole Foods

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The adventure continues...I realized tonight that I may not have had flour for tomorrow's bread.  And, if asked, I was sick of chicken.  Prime Now to the rescue!  Branzini, and some bok choy for a stir fry!  Well for once Whole Foods got back to me about items out of stock.  But I was not looking at the screen because by now I was well conditioned they would not.


I paid almost a 100 percent delivery tip:  two pound bag of flour, two apples, and two organic avocados (on sale).  Dinner is chicken.



Edit:  and I'm still almost out of milk.


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Well, that didn't last long:


"Amazon Slashed Prices at Whole Foods. Now They’re Climbing Back Up."


Whole Foods is raising prices again.

Amazon.com Inc. AMZN +2.72% slashed prices at Whole Foods after acquiring the natural grocer in 2017, aiming to counter its reputation for high costs. Now, pressure from consumer-product makers to cover rising costs for packaging, ingredients and transportation has led Whole Foods to raise prices on hundreds of products, according to internal communications viewed by The Wall Street Journal.


Welcome back to "Whole Paycheck". :hmmm:

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Not only was Whole Foods open -- they filled my Prime Now order perfectly and got it here on time in perfectly miserable weather.  Everything I ordered was in stock.  They are getting better.  Pecker or no Pecker.


If the weather ever clears enough for me to get to work I'll check out that WSJ article.  And for what it's worth Boursin was $1.00 less expensive than from Shoprite.


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I think its going to be a while before AMZN/WF makes its own way.


margins are so thin I recall reading in food markets


and BTW




that's one year.  but of lot of the tail might be due to The Donald.


Im glad  @JoNorvelleWalker


your orders are working and getting better.


remember , I pretty much own the company !



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