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Anna N

Amazon buys Whole Foods

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9 minutes ago, Toliver said:

A tangential article related to Amazon's new ventures:

"Amazon to Launch Delivery Service That Would Vie With FedEx, UPS"


The US Post Office should be shaking in their collective boots with this news. If Amazon bypasses the USPS (which doesn't seem to get mentioned in the article), the USPS will lose a ton of money.

The USPS and their shoddy delivery schedules were the rumored reason why Amazon shuttered Amazon Fresh.

After all, it's only "fresh" if it gets delivered on time. ¬¬


We need for it to expand to Canada as parcel delivery by Canada Post is terrible.  I ordered something from a third party via Amazon which arrived in Canada before Christmas and I got it in January, courtesy of Canada Post.

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Amazon Visa will give you 3% back without Prime membership. Bezos really is looking to lock up every aspect of the consumer buying cycle.

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I get 2 % back on everything with my current CC


and I can wait for 25 $ + for a free Amazon delivery as im in no hurry.


it is interesting to me the Cc companies have moved back from Free CC's 


expecting to make a fortune for later payments and defaults 


wasn't that the Last CC Crisis or the One before ?


TJ's is right across the street from WF


so I can not imagine going into WF


Maybe Ill change my mind


probably nbot


after all


TJ's has RedBoat40 for some time


50 % less than WF.



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@rotuts, edited to say...3% back on WF purchases. Gotta keep that spending in-house!

I get 2% on my current CC as well, with an extra 1% (IIRC) on grocery purchases. So I'm already covered. I shop at WF and other supermarkets and now use my CC for the credits rather than paying cash.

Good deal if you don't carry a balance.

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Cc deals are a bir snarky


reding carefully on the news release  you may not actually get cash back but cash credit toe get more crap at Amazon.com


to make up that 3 $ dif   ( the 2 % CC has no fee ) have to spend 3,333.33 at WF each year


when I see people pay cash , I feel like I should tell them about the 2 % card.


then paying cash might limit their purchasing which might be their idea.

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Interesting :


more stuff at Bezo's Market for Prime Members


[F.D.: Im not a prime member , but I own 2 - 4 shares of AMZN ]


NYT :  https://www.nytimes.com/2018/05/16/technology/whole-foods-discount-amazon-prime.html


        might have to delete some cookies to see  Halibut fresh wild is 1/2 off , 9.99   in Florida.







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