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Artificial Wine?

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No one is going to be surprised by the idea that fake wine is out there.  But I do not think that anyone tries to market it to a serious audience.  It sounds like that could be changing, with an effort to develop artificial wine that tastes like good wine.  I heard this on KCRW's Good food podcast today.  I am curious what others reactions are to this.  Culturally, I find the idea abhorrent.  Culinarily, I am curious.




The terroir at Ava Winery boasts neither nutrient-rich soil nor a mesoclimate, but rather test tubes and Bunsen burners. That’s because the synthetic wines are produced in their San Francisco lab without a single grape. It’s enough to make Bacchus’ (and Evan’s) heads roll. Co-founder Alec Lee explains the science behind their grapeless wines.



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