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3 weeks in Australia and NZ


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I'm just back from 3 weeks on tour in Australia and New Zealand


Sydney - this is the 6th time (i think) I've been to Cafe Sydney and it's still one of my favorite places anywhere. Great food, beautiful view, nice atmosphere, good service. 

a great place.


Melbourne - Rockpool continues to be a strong entry here, especially their selection of steaks from wagyu through to 60 month grass fed... but crudos and other starters were also strong, including a stellar lobster omelet!


Perth - Shorehouse restaurant (in Swanbourne) was excellent. on the water staring out at sunset over the Indian Ocean helps!, but also some really good food in a relaxed open air atmosphere.


the bad news was that Rockpool Perth was poor in every way. Uncaring service, spotty cooking, wrong orders, a complete miss; and nothing at all what I would have expected based on my many previous visits to Rockpools in Melbourne and Sydney.


Auckland  - we had a nice dinner at Harbourside Ocean Bar Grill. nice spot overlooking the harbour, seafood centric menu. The local crayfish (a clawless lobster basically, it was more than a pound and a half, not the tiny Louisiana crawfish, if that's what you're picturing) was the standout winner.

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