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Confections! What did we make? (2017 – )

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This one is called Caramel Cookie Monster - A layer of cookie butter milk chocolate ganache with crunchy cookie bits topped with a Tahitian vanilla caramel.

Screen Shot 2017-10-06 at 8.59.24 PM.png

Screen Shot 2017-10-07 at 8.19.39 PM.png

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Posted (edited)
6 hours ago, Bentley said:

This one is called Caramel Cookie Monster - A layer of cookie butter milk chocolate ganache with crunchy cookie bits topped with a Tahitian vanilla caramel.

Screen Shot 2017-10-06 at 8.59.24 PM.png

For some reason I'm getting albino Cookie Monster in a snow storm - oops now I can see it - nice!

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Hi all! Well heres what I've done in the last few years:

Peach gummy rings

Assorted bonbons

Hazelnut dragee

Lavender bonbon

Assorted bonbon

Panned malt balls

Bubble gum taffy

Coconut taffy

Sponge candy

Peppermint meltaways

Peppermint patties

Peach pate de fruit

Macadamia dragee

Gummy bears!

Misc Bonbon

Enrobed walnut toffees

Aleppo pepper caramels

Sea salt caramels

Hazelnut gianduja in a terrine form


Wedding gummy rings

Coconut and blueberry pate de fruit

Almond dragee

Wedding table

Lollipop tree


Thanks for the encouragement everyone, sorry for so many post at once!

2015-12-03 13.53.18.jpg

2015-12-22 15.10.36.jpg

2016-01-21 15.00.24.jpg

2016-01-28 15.44.44.jpg

2016-01-30 11.09.34.jpg

2016-03-10 15.03.11.jpg

2016-03-24 16.53.52.jpg

2016-03-27 12.10.26.jpg

2016-04-01 08.42.41.jpg

2016-04-04 18.44.01.jpg

2016-04-14 13.23.21.jpg

2016-04-23 09.56.33.jpg

2016-06-01 17.11.09.jpg

2016-08-28 11.06.48.jpg

2016-09-19 14.45.32.jpg

2016-09-19 15.12.20.jpg

2016-11-13 10.35.31.jpg

2016-12-12 10.41.03.jpg

2017-02-13 16.10.48.jpg

2017-03-27 09.15.01.jpg

2017-04-10 12.16.00.jpg

2017-04-26 17.59.13-1.jpg

2017-04-28 16.45.43.jpg

2017-04-28 16.46.05.jpg

2017-04-29 13.51.23.jpg

2017-04-29 13.51.57.jpg

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    • By Kerry Beal
      It's that time again - I'm the group leader for a group of newly minted Ecole Chocolat grads taking a masters course. This one is in Wieze, Belgium. You may recall my last trip as group leader for Ecole when I took a group to Valrhona in France.
      I got my packing done on Sunday - was all prepared, car was to pick me up at 6 pm to drive me to the airport. Got a little suspicious when the child was late getting off the bus from school - the driver said that the highway wasn't moving well. At about 5:15 I got a call from the limo service to say that the car that was coming to get me had moved 2 car lengths in the last 30 minutes. Apparently a car roll over on the westbound lanes of highway had ejected two people into the eastbound lanes and the entire highway was closed in both directions.
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      I'm watching The Sweet Makers on BBC - four British pastry chefs & confectioners recreate Tudor, Georgian, and Victorian sweets with petiod ingredients and equipment. A little British Baking Show, a little Downtown Abbey. 
      Check it it out for a slice of pastry history. 
      BBC viewer only available to the U.K., but on this side of the pond where there's a will, there's a way. 
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      Hello! I was wondering if anyone on here has tried using an induction cooktop with confection making (caramels, fondant, marshmallows ect...). My stove has literally three settings, and the low setting still burns sugar and there is no such thing as maintaining any sort of "simmer". I was looking into getting a cooktop and buying some copper sugar pots and mauviel makes this thing that goes inbetween. I would love to hear any input into this idea or your experiences!
    • By ChocoMom
      Greetings all! 
      Quick question ...Has anyone used confectionery coating in ganache, and been successful?   I'd normally not do this, but I have a very dear friend who is allergic to chocolate. Her son is graduating from high school, and she hired me to do chocolates.   We'd all like for her to enjoy something from the selections at the reception.  The only pieces I can do for her without any chocolate derivatives is of the white chocolate variety.  So, white confectionery coating is the only alternative I can find to sub in. 
      Now, with the actual chocolates, I did a butter ganache with white chocolate, mango puree and coconut. (Tastes amazing, btw.)   If I do the same method with the softened butter, glucose; then mix in melted confectionery coating, will it harden up when I add the puree, or stay soft?   I tend to think it would be okay, but I absolute hate the idea of wasting that puree.  So, thought it best to ask here and see if this a disaster in the making- or a decent alternative...
      Thank you for any help and advice you're able to lend.  As always, your expertise is very much appreciated! 
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      Some chocolate makers have incredibly intricate chocolate molds that boggle my mind.  How do they clean them?  Or do they not clean/polish them?  Or have an army of interns?  Or just do it perfectly every time and polishing molds is for suckers anyway?
      They are beautiful, but seem so very impractical.  What am I missing?
      The Soma is not bad, mostly thin lines, but the Askinosie ...
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