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Hidden fine dining gems in New York

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I am visiting NYC for the first time in June.
I excitedly saved up money for a dinner at Eleven Madison Park.
I booked my air tickets from the other side of the planet to NYC, as well as accommodation and connecting flights. And then a friend kindly informed me that Eleven Madison Park closes for renovations two weeks before I arrive.  
Of course.
Any hidden gems/amazing places I should try get a booking at instead?


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Nothing's hidden in this city.


But, Le Coucou has been a favorite since its opening.  An old classic like Le Bernardin (where we had dinner a week ago) is still wonderful.


Other very enjoyable meals we've recently had include Beatrice Inn, Wildair (which is casual and doesn't take reservations), Ssam Bar, and Le Coq Rico.


If you want to go to Brooklyn (which is basically a short subway ride), Olstead and Faun are both worthy choices. 



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