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Dinner 2017 (Part 3)

Norm Matthews

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No pics, but last night we had friends over for dinner.  I made tri-tip SV and torch-seared, roasted red potatoes, salad and dairy-free chocolate mousse.  Our friends like their meat medium-well, while we like ours rare to medium-rare.  It was the first time I used two SV circulators at the same time: my Sous Vide Supreme and the new Joule.

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22 hours ago, ninagluck said:

@shain, would you mind sharing your cornbread recipe? I am still experimenting and try to collect as many variations as possible


Are you looking for a southern style or a sweeter, cakier version? I've adjusted my corn muffin recipe to be slightly leaner and less sweet (though it wasn't too sweet to begin with). I can happily give you the muffin recipe, which can be baked as a bread, but I still need to perform some adjustments to be happy with the leaner version.

~ Shai N.

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49 minutes ago, ninagluck said:

@shain I'd prefer a less sweet version, as I love to eat it with soups and stews

Yes, I figured. This is what I aimed for in this variation, but I think I should have added some more butter to it.

~ Shai N.

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@Kerry Bealsent  me a link to this recipe and I have made it twice.  I am not a fan of boneless skinless chicken breasts but this recipe makes them more than tolerable.  




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early dinner or very late lunch :




a little cabbage/carrot/potato  nuked


SD bread  ( TJ's )  CB reheated from fz in the Anova bath   spinach  and most importantly some melted swiss micro's to melt


the CB and Swiss were warm




melted cheese makes this sort of sandwich      I forgot to get some sauerkraut   

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I had a pastrami and provolone sandwich on purchased but very good bread and a Caesar salad.


I was having a craving for strawberry shortcake, but had no working oven and no milk, cream or whipped cream. While my strawberries were macerating in sugar, I preheated a heavy aluminum skillet and the heavy aluminum lid to my Dutch oven (which also fits the skillet perfectly) and mixed up enough slightly sweetened biscuit dough for a single shortcake with store brand coffee creamer powder and water. I cooked the shortcake in the skillet in butter for about five minutes per side. In spite of my lack of proper ingredients and a working oven, I was able to pull off a respectable shortcake. Whipped cream would have been nice, but this was good anyway. This was the first time I have tried biscuits or shortcake on the stove top, and it works!

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This something I haven't done for a very long time. They where very nice and I will try to make them more often.

This batch was Teriyaki chicken and before was with tuna.


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Dinner out with my husband at one of our local favorites ~ Michiru in Webster.




C2 ROLL ~ Filet mignon, fried crawfish, avocado, steak sauce, spicy mayo, garlic chips   


BEEF SZECHUAN STYLE.~ Crispy shredded beef in spicy tangy sauce





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I have not eaten this dish for abt 25 years. It just did not come into my mind. somewhen this week I woke up and knew, that I have to make that: smoked pork tongue, mash from split peas, pickled horseradish. It was truly comforting.


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