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1 hour ago, lindag said:

Actually I bought that juicer because I watched Ms Garten use it.  And, yes, it is quite noisy but very efficient and space saving.  I also have the big-ass Breville juicer which is very nice but a space hog.  I use my little Braun most of the time since it stores so easily.

BTW, that Braun was dirt cheap but I don't think it's available any longer.


Is the Braun the one that Ina used? Whatever she used is no longer available, but apparently this is a really close match:



My little B&D has similar measurements. About six inches in diameter and nine inches at its tallest point. It's lightweight so easy to get in and out of a cupboard. It will do anything from small limes right up to large grapefruit and it cost me maybe $15 or so. I have a real fondness for it, homely and noisy as it may be.   🙂


@Toliver, the juice really is lovely. We're having Screwdrivers for our NYE cocktails, I think! 🥃🍹🎉🎇




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A nice display of fruit in the market this morning considering it's a freezing day in the dead of winter.



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Posted (edited)

山楂 (shān zhā) Chinese haws - Crataegus pinnatifida



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